most common ERP systems used by large companies

The ERP system is a sophisticated system of manufacturing resource planning system (MRP) , ERP system linking financial management, resources, manufacturing, customer service and the Departments of Marketing and Sales ,You can also be relied upon to solve your business problems because it is not designed to organize all your organization’s departments effectively and efficiently only, but also to help you find the right solutions to your problems . So as to ensure a smooth process for the production of an easy-to-use tool, which makes it easy to perform daily tasks and make important management decisions.

Enterprise resource planning systems allow to raise the level of interaction between tasks with support for the use of systems and applications of integrated business management , In addition to automating many office functions relating to the technical aspect and services and human resources through the provision of data on manufacturing and finance and the management of the supply chain and maintenance and other functions in one technical space , which makes it easier for executives the opportunity to get a complete vision of multilateral trade operations.

Also, these systems do not allow for the departments and sections of the company to operate in isolation from each other, Whenever Increased cooperation between the divisions and departments, operational processes become more efficient and valuable, Concerning information about company’s performance, which we get from these systems. Today, ERP systems tend toward cloud services and the Internet, Which reduces the cost of the software. As this trend increases the ease of implementation, management, and control, by simplifying the technical requirements and business processes for companies that aim to reduce costs and resources in order to focus on value-added activities for the project.

As companies seek to keep pace with the current competitive environment, where they’re moving to Oracle Cloud ERP, which provides a compact integrated solution that will support and increase the growth of companies. Oracle ERP Cloud Offering wider and deeper practical solutions, tThat it is needed by companies, Whether big, medium or fast-growing companies, where that ERP Oracle Cloud is characterized by being the best solution available in the market, Due to being offering financial possibilities, practical and international.Including support for multiple currencies, and response systems taxes for more than 50 states, and translation into 23 languages.